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**This program is currently under not on offer however please continue to check the website. We will advise future availability.**

Relationship education is for couples who want to strengthen their relationship. There are many different types of relationship education available in Australia.

RAQ offers the Couple CARE program for three reasons:

  1. It has been shown in rigorous research trials to help happy couples sustain a strong relationship and for couples with some concerns to improve their relationship.
  2. Couples can complete the program in the privacy of their own home and at times that suit the couple.
  3. It is Australian. Couple CARE was developed by a team led by Kim Halford, an Australian couple researcher and it has been tested with Australian couples.

Couple CARE, the Couple Commitment and Relationship Enhancement program, is designed for couples at any stage in their relationship. It is helpful to couples who just moved in together, or recently got married. It is helpful to couples with growing children. It is helpful to older couples. It is for a couple who wishes to enhance their relationship.

building better relationships

Family therapy clinic for families, couples, single parents.  Designed to help families who are struggling with issues in their family whether it is a blended family, stepfamily, family with adolescent children or adult children or couples.

Family therapy clinic for families (of all kinds), couples, single parents.  

family separation

Stepfamily Realities is a course designed to help people who are parenting in a stepfamily or considering forming a stepfamily.

People involved in a stepfamily, including couples, individuals and extended family members.

step parenting

The course explores how to establish, maintain and enrich relationships. It also explores rebuilding your life after separation, and how to heal and learn from past relationships.

For clients who are recently separated, we recommend attending the course at least six months after separation. To manage the immediate issues of recent separation (such as anger, grief or guilt), Relationships Australia also offers personal counselling.

Individuals, either partnered or single who wish to explore successful intimate relationships.

communicating with the ex

FOCCUS is a short program for committed couples. It encourages couples to discuss important aspects of their relationship in a safe and non-threatening environment. The program consists of three one hour sessions in which the specific strengths and limitations of their relationship are identified and discussed.
 FOCCUS does not predict the future success of the relationship, nor is it a test that couples pass or fail. It is intended to be used as a tool to enable couples to become more aware of their relationship and their decision to further commit.

Committed couples.


Building Better Relationships is for couples who are married, living together, or going out, and who wish to improve, enrich, or re-establish their relationship. It is for relationships at any stage; from just getting started to well established. It is available to couples who feel things are not so good and for those who think things are good but could be better. It is NOT for couples in serious crisis.

Couples at all stages of their relationships, except those in serious crisis.

building better relationships

Discoveries program is a 12 week program for women who have survived childhood sexual abuse.  It is not a "tell all" group, but rather a supportive group where clients can learn to build strengths.

Women who have survived sexual abuse as children.

childhood abuse
childhood sexual abuse

These interactive workshops are free to women.  We recommend that you attend all five workshops, but you are welcome to come along to one or more that particularly interest you. 

The workshops are free, and generally held 10.00am-12.30am on a weekday, over 5 weeks. They are run regularly throughout the year. Please check below for upcoming dates.


Women over 18 years (maximum of 12 women).


This course provides the opportunity to meet and network with other women on a self development journey.
Designed for women over 20 years of age, attendees are to complete a short intake session with a facilitator either by phone or face to face.

Women over 20 years of age.

personal boundaries
women's issues

Budgeting Tips is for individuals and couples who wish to improve their budgeting skills. Finance difficulties can be a very large contributor to relationship breakdown. Learning to budget effectively can help alleviate pressures on a relationship.

Individuals and couples.

money trouble

Partners to Parents is a program designed to assist couples in their transition into parenthood.

Couples who have or about to become parents.


This course is designed to assist separated parents who are experiencing ongoing conflict.

It will cover ways to minimise parental conflict so that children can grow, develop and reach their full potential post-separation.

Separated parents who are experiencing ongoing conflict.

communicating with the ex
court orders
parental conflict
parental separation
parenting after separation
parenting orders

Alternatives to Aggression is a program for men who wish to learn and understand the alternatives to aggressive within their relationships.

Men who struggle with aggression.

domestic violence
family violence
men's business
men's issues