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Relationships Australia - QLD aspires to become a leader in research and practice through the implementation of evidence-based practice.

Research Team

Dr. Jemima Petch , Head of Research
Helen Tometzki , Research Officer
Wesley Turner , Research Officer
Jennifer Murray , Research Officer
Laura McTaggart , Research Officer

Research Contact

Tel:     (07) 3423 6808

Current Research

In order to evidence RAQ’s effectiveness, Relationships Australia Queensland (RAQ) will soon be introducing the ORS and SRS scales into our counselling services. When used together these...

In mid-2009 the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department commissioned RAQ to develop, implement and evaluate Online Family Dispute Resolution capabilities. This research program covers a...

Couple therapy is a moderately efficacious treatment for relationship distress, with 70% of couples attending therapy reporting improved relationship satisfaction. However, only about 50% of...

About 50,000 adults and 60,000 children experience family breakdown each year in Australia, which leads to enormous personal, social, and economic costs. Surprisingly, there is very little robust...

Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is considered the most effective treatment for problem and pathological gambling with two recent meta-analyses reporting that CBT significantly reduced symptom...

FOK is a training program under the broader Parenting Orders Program (POP) and provides education services for individuals and groups. The program focuses on developing relationship enhancement...